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Kritéria/míra naplnění 10 5 0 Hodnocení
Obsah, jasnost & zaměření ideas show knowledge; (some) arguments are reliable; ideas clear, focused on aspecific thought or topic; originality & individual standpoint presented ideas and information sometimes biased; ideas are not very clear or specifically focused; +- originality;+- individual standpoint no clear points or information, and ideas or opinions controversial from an ethical point of view; ideas disconnected, numerous topics with no clear conclusion; no originality, no individual standpoint
Context response to others, fits in with the context and main theme of the discussion +- focused on the main aim of the discussion, +- response to others a declaration only with no relationship to the theme or other contributions
Commitment demonstrates values behind the discussion; length & time spent on writing demonstrates values but which are only half-formed; writing is relatively brief and shows signs of being spontaneous and somewhat lacking in thought and analysis values behind the discussion not clear; time or attention paid to the writing insufficient
Action oriented positive approach & practical focus positive but half-hearted or undeveloped approach; good intent is shown but remains unfocused not practical outcome, only “chatting”
Constructive approach conclusions based on individual standpoint & derived from the opinion of the others Conclusions reveal an individual standpoint but need to bedeveloped further; the opinion of others is either given too much or too little prominence zero personal conclusions from the discussion and/or zero ability to adjust own opinion to the views of the others
Total (points) max 50